Our Electric Repair Services

Electric Repair Services Staten Island NY

With over 28 years in business and a lengthy track record of providing outstanding service, Kinetic Electrical Contracting Corp. is pleased to serve residential customers in the Staten Island area, regardless of their specific electrical needs. We offer a wide range of electrical services, including:

  • Lighting installations: Kinetic Electrical Contracting Corp. will handle the installation of residential lighting in Staten Island, NY for single-family homes, homeowners’ associations, property management companies and more.
  • Electrical work for additions: Are you adding on to your home, or taking on a remodeling project? Ensure your wiring and electrical setup are properly handled in the new space by trusting our certified electricians with the job.
  • Repair services: Electrical repairs are best handled by trained, experienced and certified electricians. We’ll take on everything from service panel change-outs and circuit breaker replacements to basic lighting repairs in Staten Island, NY, and we’re available 24/7 to provide emergency repair service.
  • AC wiring: Proper AC wiring is necessary for the safe and effective powering of your household appliances, lights and other electricity-powered tools. You can trust our experts to handle any issues related to AC wiring.
  • Electric Repair Services Staten Island NY

  • Inspections: Any time you’re having electrical systems installed, the law requires that the proper permits be obtained and inspections be carried out. Kinetic Electrical Contracting Corp. is very familiar with these sometimes complex processes, and are happy to help.
  • Code violations: Is your property’s wiring not up to the current electrical code? We specialize in residential lighting in Staten Island, NY, which means we’re experts at bringing outdated electrical systems up to code. Give us a call for service you can trust!
  • LED lighting: LED lighting offers a more sustainable and energy-efficient residential lighting option, making it a great solution for single-family homes as well as larger residential complexes. Talk to our team about making the switch.

To get in touch with the certified electricians at Kinetic Electrical Contracting Corp., please give us a call today at 718-447-6082. We look forward to assisting you!